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Wednesday, October 22, 2008 0 Comments

Start a blog, my colleague said. Repeatedly. Harness your social networking power to spread your mantra across the Intarwebz. Go, young soul, be free amidst the digital wonder that is social media.

Ok, so maybe it wasn't that dramatic.

I labored for weeks to come up with a reasonable title. What would I even call this project? Why would anyone want to read it? How in the hell was I supposed to leverage the power of Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and the handful of other sites I was connected to to get my message out into the big scary world?

And what was my message, anyway?

After weeks (perhaps months) of consideration, I've finally done it. The title is tentative, the content is tentative, the entire project is tentative depending on the following factors:

Response and Responsibility

That's it.

If no one's reading, I might as well not be writing. That part is pretty simple, no?

And if I'm not saying anything worth reading, why should I expect anyone to read it?

I have no desire to pimp and pander my wares on my own time; I do that Monday - Friday and enjoy it quite a bit but there's something to be said for putting a personal spin on the things that leak over from professional life.

That's all I'm really aiming to do. I've got a better arsenal of tools this time, after all.

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