Feedback on the Fed... from Fed Employees

Friday, March 27, 2009 , , 0 Comments

pssst... Fed... I'm watchin' you too! HAI!

In my CPA Factory internet wandering today (I do have a day job, after all), I came across a site called - type in your employer and see if anything pops up. If you are like me and at all involved in the aspect of Online reputation monitoring for your business, company, site blah blah blah, you probably already know that keeping an eye on what people are saying about you is a wise strategy to adopt. We're always watching what people are saying about our company - and surprised to find random bits here and there across the Internet.

In a perfect example of reputation monitoring from our friends at the Fed of all places, every time I write about a particular Fed President, lo-and-behold who ends up on my site shortly thereafter? This means they're monitoring what people are saying - smart, given their precarious position at the center of the financial tsunami and all.

Our company is not listed on but guess who is? The Fed!

The various Fed leaders are ranked by employee satisfaction as follows:
(assuming not adopted to Geithner's move to the Treasury)

Richmond: Lacker 100% approve
Kansas City: Hoenig 100% approve
New York: Geithner 75% approve
Chicago: Evans 67% approve
Boston: Rosengren 50% approve
Dallas: Fisher 50% approve
Atlanta: Lockhart no approval ranking
St Louis: Bullard no approval ranking
San Francisco: Yellen no approval ranking
Philadelphia: Plosser no approval ranking
Minneapolis: Stern no approval ranking
Cleveland: Pianalto no approval ranking

Sadly, only one review for Bernanke's Fed and nothing juicy to jump on. Does a Fed employee in Washington have the cojones to bag on the big man? I dare you. Go on, it's anonymous.

Side note on SF Fed... as we all know, in my younger days I literally "slept with the enemy" as it were and dated an accountant for the San Francisco Federal Reserve. He was far too boring to have an opinion either way. Too bad, would have made for some exciting pillow talk.

Point of all this? Reputation management. Oh, and spying on the Fed.

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