Fraud from the Money Shot of Hedge Funds

Editor note: due to bullying by some phony named Chris Jones pretending to be the lawyer for Francis Koenig, the previous post here has been removed. Should you be interested in reading it, I have saved an archive copy and can email it to any interested parties, just get in touch.

Mr. Koenig's phony lawyer - who apparently does not hold a license to practice law in the state of California as he was unable to provide me with his bar number after many attempts on my part to get that information from him - stated in his initial communication with me that he and his client were "engaged in a full scale to wipe clean the defacing press that has been costly to Mr. Koenig" and "will do whatever means necessary in order to restore the reputation of Mr. Koenig in the shortest time possible," later following up with a threat to name me and this website in a lawsuit seeking costs and damages "to the fullest extent available." Not once was I asked to simply issue a correction.

This is an all-out assault on the First Amendment - as no defamation was intended in the original piece - but because this website is a hobby of mine, not the kind of money-making venture that could withstand harassment by some fake lawyer who finds it at all appropriate to demand removal of content, I have removed the post. I have also published all communications from the phony lawyer and will be in touch with the SEC to secure any and all documents related to AdultVest to independently investigate that matter further. 

Here are the details (including emails) of Francis Koenig's fake lawyer revealing himself as a fraud. Note he removed "ESQ" and his legal disclaimer from subsequent communication with me once he was forced to admit he was not a lawyer and no longer referred to Francis Koenig as "my client."

I will be sending all emails in question directly to the California Bar and SEC. I also plan to conduct a full investigation into AdultVest and, for that matter, any Francis Koenig venture that hasn't been already picked through by the financial media. As for Chris Jones, he may or may not even exist, but he does share an address with AdultVest and Francis Koenig Construction. That should have been the tip off he was a fake.

Earlier discussions of the alleged fraud can still be found elsewhere on the Internet:

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Jr Deputy Accountant

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UPDATE -- According to who initially reported the story on Koenig: "The SEC performed a one-year investigation in which all of AdultVest’s company records were turned over to regulators. No wrong doing was found and no charges were filed. The SEC sent a letter to Francis Koenig on April 26, 2010 saying the investigation was complete and no enforcement action was recommended."