FDIC Economist Tries to Rob Kansas City Bank of America Branch, Hilarity Does NOT Ensue

Well! I guess things are a little rough out there after all!

Via KansasCity.com, the strange case of an FDIC economist gone bad:

An economist on leave from the federal agency that insures bank deposits was indicted Tuesday for allegedly attempting to rob a bank in Independence, Mo., last month.

Jeff W. Walser, 51, worked as regional economist for the Kansas City office of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., which protects bank depositors against losses, though not those from robbery. He was on leave at the time of the robbery and will remain on leave until his case his is resolved, said FDIC spokesman Andrew Gray.

Federal court records painted this picture of the robbery attempt:

Walser allegedly entered the Bank of America branch at 18820 East U.S. 40 on April 11, told an employee that he had a bomb and demanded cash. But when the employee returned with more than $41,000 stuffed into two cash bags, Walser did not move to take them.

Finally the employee asked, "Do we need to talk?"

"Yes," Walser reportedly replied.

The two walked to an empty conference room where Walser reportedly opened his briefcase and showed that he didn’t really have a bomb.

The employee asked whether everything was OK.

"No, everything is not OK," Walser said, and then asked the employee to call police.

Walser surrendered peacefully and is being held without bond.

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Jr Deputy Accountant

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


This guy in an idiot. It's a open secret, "The best way to rob a bank is to own it". He should have bought a small bank, gotten some TARP money then lent tens of millions to his cronies who manage to lose it in various "business ventures". The caliber of people the Fed hires is appalling.



While I may agree with you *almost* 100% in the Fed's questionable hiring practices, this one belongs to Bair, not Bernanke :)

And love the TARP idea. I'm sure you're not the first to come up with it, and we will likely find out who hatched such a scheme later on down the road once Barofsky gets some real cases cooking...


Anonymous said...

He was suffering from depression.

He was a diabetic on insulin, and his plan was to get arrested but not tell anyone about his condition so he would die in jail.

He never intended to get away with any cash. It's a very sad story, and the bank teller realized very quickly it wasn't a genuine robbery.

It's humorous when one considers the irony, but that hardly tells the whole story.

Bair joined the FDIC in 2006. This guy was with them for many years before that. He's not the "product" of anyone's poor hiring decision - just a man suffering from depression.

He didn't even have a weapon.