A Grand Absurity, a Great Deception, a Delusion of Momentus Proportions

Ron Paul (R-TX) on the House Floor 5/19/09 on America's collective manic episode:

"socialism to save capitalism, a government out of control, unrestrained by the Constitution, the rule of law, or morality."

This is not an issue of Republican vs Democrat, nor the antiquated "morality" of the ghost of GOP past. This is about Dorothy pulling back the curtain to find the tiny, shriveled Wizard and uncovering the sham that has us all transfixed by the illusion of "power" in worthless paper. The longer we allow ourselves to be marched down this bizarre road towards a monstrosity of a government with no self-restraint to keep its own currency alive, the harder it will be for us to turn back. Stepping over the precipice now, kids, think we can hit the brakes already?

At some point, China will turn away from the dollar as Russia already has. Oil will no longer be denominated in dollars. We will have pissed off anyone worth worrying about. The IMF will have received another United States hand-out just before the dollar is entirely debased. And then? Might be a little too late.

"a central bank that deliberately destroys the value of the currency in secrecy, without restraint, with nary a whimper."

I have to argue with Dr Paul here to say that the central bank of pre-Bizarro World destroyed the value of our currency in secrecy. Now they do it out loud, still without restraint, and while blowing their own horn (that qualifies as more than a whimper, right?).

Now that might be a problem.

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