Hey! What's in Tim Geithner's Wallet?

I ROFL'd so hard over this one I nearly broke a rib. Thank you, Forbes, finally you are useful for something!

WASHINGTON, May 22 (Reuters) - What's in the wallet of Timothy Geithner, whose hands as U.S. Treasury secretary are on some of the fattest government purse strings in the world?

Not much, it appears, beyond a few bank cards, some euros and a worthless Zimbabwean bill.

A what? Yes. A worthless Zimbabwean bill (maybe that's the trillion dollar one WC Varones picked up on Ebay for $8? Psst, WCV, I found some for $7.98. There's that deflation we were afraid of. Pfft) but wait, it gets better.

Geithner, testifying to a congressional panel on Thursday about efforts to tackle the financial crisis, was shown a $50 billion bank note from Zimbabwe that has nearly no value due to hyperinflation in that African country.

Representative John Culberson asked Geithner if he had ever seen such a bill himself, prompting the Treasury secretary to reach into his pocket and produce a Zimbabwean note.

'I often have some foreign currency in my wallet,' Geithner told Reuters during a break. 'Want to see?'

Oh, Timmy, are you really that stupid? A Zimbabwean bill is priceless enough, it gets worse.

Many of the slots in the thin, weathered leather wallet were empty. There were three cards with Visa (V) and MasterCard (MA) logos -- all inserted upside down so the issuers could not be seen -- and a yellowed identification card of some sort.

From inside, Geithner pulled a small pile of receipts and papers, including a New York City transit card, pointing out there were some euros tucked in there too.

Anything else? Not a single U.S. dollar was in sight. [my emphasis]

If I have to explain a single part of this to you, please go back to watching the reality shows and disconnect from the Internet.

(h.t. cl5v5r for this one!)

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