Obama Supreme Court Nominee Doomed to Fail, Has Treasury PR Running "Media Relations"

Monday, May 18, 2009 , , , 0 Comments

This can't turn out well for poor Obama, nor for whomever he chooses as Supreme Court Justice. I'd rather not cover this (God forbid I be too political and fall face-first into the left-right trap) but I found the blurb buried in a Reuters story on the "looming battle" over Obama's choice sort of hilarious. This situation is doomed.

Administration officials said Obama hopes for less acrimony over the current Supreme Court opening, though in an indication of an awareness of the potential for controversy, Treasury spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter is being tapped to move to the White House to manage the media strategy for the nominee.

A Treasury spokeswoman? That's the best they could find to run the media campaign?

That to me is a sign from the administration that they know Republicans are crippled in Congress and most likely don't really feel it's worth the effort to convince America that Obama's choice is a wise one.

A quick glimpse at Obama's track record for choices shows a bit of a deficiency as far as "wisdom" is concerned. I won't name names (Volcker, Summers, Geithner come to mind) but I think a natural skepticism regarding his ability to choose the right person for the job is entirely warranted here.

A Treasury spokeswoman?! Seriously? You have to be kidding me.

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