Planet Gore: Tax the S$%^ Out of American Drivers to Cram into Smaller Cars

I realize Al Gore is not this ripped
nor did he invent the Internet thnx.

Oh Al Gore, you and your series of tubes are in trouble for this bullshit. Can we please stop with the weird ass environmental sham? If we'd stop making up reasons to tax the shit out of people (I know you bat for the blue team but enough is enough with this made up taxation), we might be able to look at the realistic environmental picture and work towards healing the planet. But I forgot, you're in it for the carbon tax pay day.

I suppose the "National California Standard" (via Planet Gore -PG) is a win for home base (Lord knows we need one now that we're being tapped for nearly 10% in sales tax) but not necessarily a win for the rest of the country.

The sad part is that it's mostly a win for Socialism, with Detroit's balls already signed, sealed, and delivered to Washington.

I digress. PG's Henry Payne on the National California Standard (no, not the gold one):

As we reported at Planet Gore last month, the Obama administration on Tuesday will end the legal battle between California and automakers by declaring a national fuel economy standard as advocated by automakers — but at the Golden State-mandated 35 mpg by 2016.

This onerous standard, which accelerates the already draconian 35-mpg-by-2020 goal adopted just two years ago (estimated cost: $85 billion), comes at time when Detroit automakers are hemorrhaging red ink. A recent Global Insight study found that California’s mandate would increase power-train costs by $1,000 for small cars and $5,000 for larger vehicles.

But with GM and Chrysler wards of the state, any protest is likely to be muted. “The Obama administration fired (GM CEO) Wagoner,” Michigan Rep. Pete Hoekstra told Planet Gore April 6. “Is (new CEO) Henderson going to resist? I don’t think so.”

In Bizarro World, everyone drives a silver Prius. Meet you in front of the Obamatron for our mandatory jumping jacks at 5a.

Point: China. Ouch, that hurts.

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