Returning to the Scene of the Crime to Kill Some More: Gold Gets Slaughtered?

WTF. Does anyone recall a time when these sorts of things would be handled with suave, charisma and models so complicated even the mathletes who built them didn't understand how sexy but dangerous they were manipulating a little here and there?

Now this is ugly. The days of stealth are gone, it's a scramble to the end. Obviously, the murderers do not mind leaving their tracks.

(via the Financial Physician) I'm loving FP's declaration "PPT Bombs Gold" - ouch. He says the kids come in around 10a New York time to do their dirty work - I guess the Goldman rats sleep around 4a when they stop crawling people's blogs? I saw what you did there, GS. You too JP Morgan.

Yes you little not-so-slick bastards, I think everyone sees what you are doing and knows that you are the ones doing it so you can stop now.

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