Ways to Kill Yourself: Trending Harder than Jon and Kate Plus 8

You're looking at Google Trends for "suicide methods" for the last 12 months across all of the United States.

Notice anything frightening?

Okay, what if we look at the bigger picture and zoom out from 2004 to present?

I don't think I need to present you with the "financial crisis timeline" here.

The top states searching "suicide methods" include Kansas and Utah, with Nevada and Ohio coming in right behind. Strangely, California and Florida, the states hit hardest by the collapse of the housing bubble inflated by homicidal maniac Alan Greenspan in his Fed days, do not appear in the top 10 for these search terms.

This is very real. Just in case you allowed the clowns running the show to convince you otherwise.

Perhaps their attempt to convince us everything is under control actually worked around April? Nah. I blame that one on the end of tax season.

(h.t. to Misery Loves Companies)

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