OMGObama! Recovery Dependent on More Debt? Huh?

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I wish this were a joke
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and don't say I didn't warn you

Alright this is just getting silly. Can someone please check these claims? I don't have time since I'm too busy trying to keep my damn company afloat. This guy is a true winner and frankly I'm speechless. Also, he owes me $4.95 for the grande quadruple black eye I spat out upon reading the headline from Reuters this morning on my way into the office.

Obama says recovery depends on healthcare (via Reuters)

President Barack Obama said on Wednesday he realized Americans were skeptical about his healthcare overhaul, but that the country's economic recovery depended on implementing the $1 trillion plan. [my emphasis]

Obama, insisting the "stars are aligned" for approval this year despite discord in Congress over the plan, warned inaction would undermine the economy, worsen the deficit and cripple millions of Americans financially.

"I understand people are feeling uncertain about this. They are feeling anxious," he said in a prime-time televised news conference.

But he said he was confident people would support it when they looked "at the cost of doing nothing."

Well since our fearless leader believes in the alignment of the stars (tré douché coming from the POTUS, IMHO), let's take a look at what the stars have to say for the world's most powerful Leo:

You could be feeling financial pressures that won't easily go away, yet you can relieve the tension by addressing the issues head-on instead of pretending they don't exist. Fortunately, there might be a magical solution to your problem, even if you aren't exactly sure what it is. A friend could come to the rescue with the right advice or a bluebird could fly through your window with just what you need. However, you must remain approachable and keep your windows open.

Hey, Obama, pssst: a fucking bluebird isn't flying through the window on this Obamacare disaster, nor is there some "magical" solution. Nice try though.

Today's POTUS outlook? "You don't intend to do anything that's offensive to anyone else, but you can be so insistent today that you turn into a real annoyance."

Annoyance isn't the word.

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