95% Loss of Investment? Wouldn't You Fire Your Fiduciary?

I find it entertaining that the "Cost-of-Living Calculator" goes back to 1913 and recommend you check it out going back that far if you have ever doubted the 95% devaluation of the US dollar argument against the Fed.

It is amazing to see what just 1 year can do to the dollar. 96 in a row? That's a tad much to take at once.

Imagine if your financial adviser had the same sort of "success rate" and you were 95% worse off as a result?

Jr Deputy Accountant

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OldSouth said...

I'd be talking with a prosecutor, after firing the fiduciary.

But, that's just lil' ole' me...what do I know?

You may not believe this, but I first began reading the AIER's stuff in 1958. That's right, 51 years ago. It's a fine organization. I'll introduce you to website that follows it.