Congratulations, Richmond Fed, for Listening?

One can only wonder what inspired this.

So as you must already know by now, it's been a shaky couple of weeks. There is this LandAmerica thing that keeps getting stranger and more scandalous as it unravels, Cash for Clunkers Round 2 was an absolute disaster (that'll teach 'em), and then there was this massive mortgage wholesaler failure involving SIGTARP, magic accounting (totally allowed in the era of Accounting Czars), and this weird capital infusion deal gone wrong.

As you also must already know, I've got a soft spot for Richmond Fed. So when I saw that they were holding an event to help homeowners facing foreclosure, my first reaction was "WIN!"

Until I saw the list of attendees.

See, when a mortgage lender is banned by the FHA and raided by TARP cops and you are the bank from which we get gems like "pound of flesh" and "scary and ugly," you might want to avoid mentioning said mortgage lender's name when promoting your foreclosure relief event.

Bonus points to Richmond for fixing it. Maybe they caught it before anyone else did (LOLZ, I have a timestamp if anyone needs to see who did), or maybe they are just engaged in a little brand monitoring. I know what people say about my company on the Internet, surely their Online reputation is slightly more frightening than ours, they'd be wise to monitor it.

And if Richmond is smart enough to keep up with what we are saying instead of worrying about disseminating PR no one pays attention to, they've got a jump on their oblivious peers in the System who don't even know how to search Twitter. Come on kids, keep up, the FDIC uses Bing!

Hopefully this teaches every tentacle of the entire Fed system that we are watching and there are enough of us to see what you did there. I expect you to keep your game tighter from now on, otherwise I'll have to find a new hobby.

So good job listening to your critics out here on the financial blogosphere fringes, Richmond. Don't trip, if I see you with spinach in your teeth, I'll be happy to be the first one to call you out for it. Don't let it happen again.

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