Google Maps, Now With Foreclosure Finder!

Rad! It's like Megan's Law for foreclosed homes! Want to see if your neighbor is underwater? Stumbling towards foreclosure? Here you go, it's all right here! Should we call this Greenspan's Law but for economic predators?

Ouch, San Francisco:

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Google Maps, what are you thinking?

And yes, you can look at the entire United States.

h/t to Healdsburg Housing Bubble

Jr Deputy Accountant

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OldSouth said...

Thanks for sharing this. I looked into Louisville, KY, where many of my mother's family landed during the Depression and WWII. It was shocking to look on street level at the degradation of what had been modest but nice neighborhoods around Churchill Downs and the University of Louisville. This was not a bad part of town, and is within a walk of a major university.

I still don't understand how this came about, as much as I read and attempt to take it in. What becomes of the people who live in these neighborhoods? How do they see their way to a better future? Can they see that a better future can be out there for them?

Apologies for rambling...this is upsetting.


I'm sorry, didn't mean to inspire any feelings of sadness :(

I wish I had an answer to your "what becomes of the people who live in these neighborhood?" question, though I realize that you didn't ask it expecting an answer anyway.

what will happen to all of us? do *we* see that there is a better way which we have avoided because of the "work" required to achieve this new and improved lifestyle? Or are we merely complacent and pacified as long as our SUVs are gassed up and bellies fat with junk food?

We'll get there. Eventually. and you're welcome to ramble on my territory as often as you need :)