LMFAO MarketWatch! You're on Permanent Ban! "Fed's Bernanke: We Saved the World"

I should have done this quite some time ago.

What, MW? No.

We saved the world from disaster, Fed's Bernanke says
Without strong action by central banks, recession would have been much worse

The global economy is now beginning to emerge from its worst crisis in generations, but the downturn might have been much worse if central banks hadn't acted so forcefully last fall, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Friday.

In a speech at the Kansas City Fed's annual retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyo., Bernanke summarized a hellish year and explained modestly how he and his central bank colleagues saved the world from a bigger disaster. Read his full remarks.

"The world has been through the most severe financial crisis since the Great Depression," he said. "As severe as the economic impact has been, however, the outcome could have been decidedly worse."

(h/t Paul. Though I don't necessarily agree with the "Bruce Willis of the financial world" title. LMFAO)

MarketWatch, I'm done with you. Forever.

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It's about time. The global financial crisis has dragged on for too long.