Um.. Good Thing Richmond Fed Said "Subject to Change"...

The Internet really frightens me sometimes
and then sometimes it just...

This is only half of an LOL considering just how many are deeply entangled in the TBW mess. I keep thinking Costco when I hear warehouse lines being discussed, sorry. I'm a renter, watch me thumb my nose at all of you.

Anyway! How cute, Richmond is holding an anti-foreclosure protest of sorts.

Via Richmond Fed:

The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond will be partnering with the HOPE NOW Alliance and NeighborWorks® America to bring lenders, and borrowers facing foreclosure together for an opportunity to meet face-to-face to discuss mortgage workout options.

At this event, homeowners will have the opportunity to meet with your lender face-to-face to discuss workout options that can help you avoid foreclosure. Workshops will be running throughout the day to provide valuable information and assistance on homeownership preservation. In order to better serve you at your appointment, please bring all relevant income and expense information.

And no cheating this time, you tricky bastards! That means verifiable income. Nice try.

Awww, that is absolutely adorable. In fairness to the rest of the regional banks, as close as Richmond is to the cesspools of both NY Fed and the Board of Governors, I can imagine it's fairly easy to make a good impression so I won't fluff them with complements for doing their jobs. Pfft.

But, uh, there might be a change in attendees?

The following servicers will be participating in both DC-area Homeownership Preservation events, subject to last-minute changes.

* Aurora Loan Services
* Bank of America
* Carrington
* Chase
* Citi
* Home Loan Services
* HomeEq
* National City
* Ocwen
* OneWest (IndyMac)
* Saxon Mortgage
* SunTrust
* Taylor Bean Whitaker
* Wells/Wachovia
* Willshire

Richmond, can I please offer a bit of advice because I care? You might want to quietly redact "Taylor Bean Whitaker" from that list. Bonus points if you strike out TBW and Lacker scribbles in "Bank of America". They can totally be on the list twice. By my calculations, Ken Lewis owes the bank another 5.23 ounces of flesh.

Keep August 27th free on your calendars, kids. But seriously, bring the pay stubs. This isn't 2004.

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cl5v5r said...

Things can get confusing when "bank business" is on your mind all day.


I guess the Richmond kids have been busy with all that these days.