69 Year Old Man Robs Bank of America to Pay off His 17% Mortgage

Alan Greenspan!! This may not be a death attributed to your homicidal tendencies but it certainly reeks of you somehow.

Repent, motherfucker. It's never too late.

His mortgage. The old bastard was just trying to pay his mortgage.

NBC San Diego:

"I had to get us out of this," the elderly man said Friday from the other side of the glass at San Diego central jail. "I've never done a bad thing in my life. But when you get desperate, I guess you throw all that sh-- out the window."

Listening to how Michael Casey Wilson of Santee tells it, a 17 percent mortgage, the threat of homelessness and a terminal health condition will turn a man to crime.

Wilson, 69, is accused of walking into the Bank of America branch in the 4100 block of El Cajon [pfft, I'd say] Boulevard in City Heights and handing a bank manager a demand note, saying he had a bomb. Prosecutors said he made off with $107,000 before he was caught lying on a front porch near the bank.

"I wrote them an apology. I am so sorry," he said referring to the employees who rushed out of the bank. "It's not my purpose in life to scare people."

Oh now that's just sad.

Psst, if you're thinking of turning to a life of crime to keep up with your mortgage payments, may I offer a suggestion? Just stop paying it.

As WC Varones points out in the post above:

Of course, the taxpayers are still making near-zero-down loans through the FHA's subprime lending program, so there's going to be a bloodbath as soon as some of those homes go into negative equity.

Bloodbath like this?

No one says you've got to rob a bank. Or was that in the fine print next to the 17%?

What makes this story all that much stranger is that it was only a week ago when a different old man with an oxygen tank robbed a different San Diego bank. Or did this guy also have a big screen and an SUV to pay off?

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membership said...

Who was robbing who?

Bank using a 17% note or the old man using a note with some letters written on it!

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