Boy Those Goldman Rats Know How to Party!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009 , , 3 Comments


File this one under unneighborly conduct. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) partner and managing director Richard Kimball Jr. has been throwing his share of loud parties at his Southampton, N.Y., rental this summer, and it hasn't exactly pleased his neighbors.

"There's loud music blasted out until the early hours, loud screaming and shouting and taxis coming in and out at all hours," one neighbor told the New York Post. "Another neighbor went round to get them to turn it down, and she came back saying there were a lot of topless girls around the pool with just two or three guys."

Perhaps Kimball was celebrating his new-found freedom due to his divorce earlier in the year from Holly Peterson -- daughter of billionaire Blackstone Group LP (NYSE:BX) chairman Pete Peterson -- who he had married in 1994.

Well I suppose Kimball's behavior can be explained, if not excused. I mean it's not like he's got rails of coke lined up on his white picket fence or anything, right?

Fairly sure this is not what Lord Blankfein meant when he said "keep it on the down low"...

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wcv said...

Taxis are probably bringing Fed and Treasury officials to the coke-n-hookerfest.

Greg Bacon said...

It's all those damned Islamofascists that are causing all these problems.

We'll show them who's in charge by bombing Iran, that will make them straighten up.

Nothing like some fine Peruvian flake, $15,000 dollar bottles of wine and some $5,000 dollar an hour hookers to make those GS guys go about business.

Anonymous said...

Damn Goldman Rats.