A Clear Message to Fake Non-Profits: If You're Going to Have Drunken Sex Parties, At Least File with the IRS

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Skeptical CPA has an interesting piece yesterday on where DoJ priorities lie, and it certainly isn't with prosecuting the true criminals. If it were, they would be up to their necks in work with Goldman alone!

But instead, we discover that the California DoJ exists to front off fake .orgs only after the local news gets video of the place littered with empty alcohol bottles and condoms. That's hot, now how about filing a tax return?

Who knew San Diego had so much going on? Awesome! From our friends down South:

For decades the Girl's Club of San Diego has been regarded as a non-profit organization with a mission to teach young girls life skills, including cooking and etiquette. However, video obtained by the 10News I-Team paints a different picture.

"It's the Girl's Club being used as an after-hours nightclub," said one witness.

In the video, empty liquor bottles are seen in the Girl's Club kitchen.

According to the last available tax return, in 2005-2006 the Girl's Club reported more than $377,000 in revenue.

The California Department of Justice has sent several letters requesting proof the Girl's Club funds have gone toward non-profit work.

The IRS said no tax information has been filed for the Girl's Club of San Diego since 2006.

Well, technically, if they were charging $10 a head for drunken, underage sex parties with an all-you-can-drink for 10 bucks bar, maybe they are a non-profit. I don't see how you can turn a profit with a drunken, underage sex party business model like that.

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