Dollar Dead in 2010?

Thursday, September 24, 2009 , , , , 0 Comments

Hey Web Bot, what happened to "Dollar Dead in 2010"?

Go on, Google it. They're all gone. Every single one.

What the heck did the Web Bot predict that could have been so terrible? Oh nothing, just the collapse of the dollar and a monstrous hybrid double whammy of hyperinflation in the things you need and deflation in the things you don't.

You can't eat a fucking big screen TV, you know.

Anyway, if you are not familiar with the Web Bot project, it is essentially a Google spider on crack, crawling the Internet to tap directly into the collective conscious of humanity. Its track record is fairly impressive, having predicted both 9/11 and the financial collapse of late 2008. So I wouldn't really brush it off that easily, though it does tend to get evangelized by, um, alternative alternative media

If you really want to delve in to the Web Bot's world, I suggest you strap on your tin foil hat and keep your calendar free for December 2012. And look up so you don't miss the aliens.

But it might be onto something with this whole dollar collapse thing...

(h/t my darling M for texting me on my day off with the wonderful news)

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