Fed General Counsel: Stay Out of Our Business. Srsly.

Gotta love the Fed logic.


Legislation giving U.S. government investigators broader authority to audit the Federal Reserve could erode confidence in the central bank’s independence and ability to conduct monetary policy, a top Fed official will tell lawmakers Friday.

Fed General Counsel Scott Alvarez, in testimony prepared for a Friday hearing, said legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives giving the Government Accountability Office greater leeway to examine the central bank could have a detrimental effect.

“These concerns likely would increase inflation fears and market interest rates and, ultimately, damage economic stability and job creation,” Alvarez said in the prepared remarks for the House Financial Services Committee hearing.

In addition to potentially undermining public and investor confidence in the Fed’s setting of monetary policy, Alvarez said the legislation could hurt the U.S. government’s relationships with other countries.

“Foreign central banks and governments likely would be less willing to engage in financial transactions with the Federal Reserve if these transactions were subject to policy review by the GAO,” he said.

O rly? And why is that? Could it be because foreign central banks are just as scandalous as our friends at the Fed and therefore would prefer not to be exposed?


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W.C. Varones said...
OldSouth said...

Just viewed video suggested by Varones.

Now, that's entertainment!

Kudos to Rep. Grayson, for keeping his smiling countenance, repeating the questions, and demanding to have answers.

I can't put my finger on it, but I can't help but believe we are on the cusp of some real upheaval. Something's gonna go wrong, and the whole mess will begin to unwind.

It's just intuitions, but I'm learning to trust them.

Am I being an alarmist, Ms. JDA?