Fed Governor Duke on Accounting.. Wait, What?!

Hey, guess what? The line is blurrier than you think.

Because I'm in such a loving mood today, I felt compelled to give the Fed a little smoochy smoochy over at Going Concern. Check it out!

What do you get when you cross a Federal Reserve governor and the AICPA? Well I wish I could say unicorns and rainbows but really all you get is Fed Governor Elizabeth Duke on, what else, regulation.

Regulatory Perspectives on the Changing Accounting Landscape doesn’t exactly sound like a party but what do you expect? Unemployment is up, revenues are down and let’s face it, things aren’t looking too good for the short term. You’ve got to give Duke some level of credit for trying.

You'll just have to swing by GC for the rest of it. You know you want your JDA fix. Don't try to deny it, I totally saw what you did there.

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