Finally Announcing Going Concern

Thursday, September 03, 2009 , , , 1 Comments

Disclaimer: I'm only doing this because I've been informed this is somehow in my contract or maybe it's the nice thing for me to do or they want to borrow some of Jr Deputy Accountant's (optimized, bitches) good Google mojo. I'm not sure why but Going Concern editor Caleb Newquist (I know him as 10-Key Tramp, you may not) insists I should have done this weeks ago so I'm officially announcing it now.

Whatever. What's he going to do, sue me? xoxo

Before I actually started writing for Going Concern, FEI's Edith Orenstein guessed that if anyone should end up writing over there, it was me. Funny. I'm honored that she would know.

How we ended getting Re: The Auditors' Francine McKenna I'll never know (I kid).

I think the Dealbreaker kids were threatened for a minute that we'd siphon off some of their traffic but we can totally coexist. Stay away from our spreadsheets and we won't mess with high-frequency trading, deal? We can share Ken Lewis.

I should thank Breaking Media for taking me on and not double disclaimering me like felt compelled to do after picking up my Colonial/TBW/Deutsche Bank/SIGTARP bit.

And if this were an awards show, I'd thank the accounting industry for letting me hang out on the fringes and shake things up a bit. CPAs are far radder than one might think. And I'd really hate this stuff if it weren't for this dude. "My name's Roger Philipp and I'm a Certified Public Accountant" may be the best line ever. Or the hair? Whatever.

I hope this pleases Caleb?

Jr Deputy Accountant

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cjn said...

Caleb is pleased. That is all.