Godfather: Kill the Fed Style (by Skeptical CPA)

Paper Economy has been kind enough to let me borrow AG before
(November 12, 2006:
Dr. Strangelove or: How Greenspan Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bubble.)

This is hilarious. Skeptical CPA warns us that the only mobsters we should be worried about looting the "free flowing" stimulus money are the Wall Street Mafia family.

Which mob?

Which five families? Goldman, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, AIG and JPMorgan? Or was Petrillo thinking of other "families"? What could say, the Genoveses come up with to top the $13 billion Goldman got from AIG? In broad daylight! "Seemingly boundless appetite for the taxpayer's dollar". WR, do you mean Freddie and Fannie? Or Citigroup? "Plundered ... for generations"? Petrillo, did Goldman call you complaining it did not want the Genoveses, Gambinos, et. al. "muscling on its racket"? Do you mean the way the Fed plunders Joe Schmoe's savings to support the banks? From 1913 to 2009 is 96 years, or four generations. Enough. Kill the Fed. I think the "Five families" would each give up its questionable ways to become Goldman. Read my 21 December 2007 post citing Ben Stein's 1990 NYT article: http://skepticaltexascpa.blogspot.com/2007/12/mortgage-fraud-whose.html.
Snap. I believe that clears up all of that.

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