Obamacare: No Mincing Agendas

Sunday, September 06, 2009 , , 0 Comments

Skeptical CPA has a do not miss from September 3rd perfectly timed with the resurrection of Obamacare that can be found here.

I recommend the full thing but it is summed up in closing thoughts:

The provision making illegal aliens ineligible for Obamacare will not be enforced. Who are guys like Peter Orzag kidding? Can't turn people away? When there is no more money, law or no law, that will happen. Hey Obama, repeal the 1986 law. Or does "He" think he can incarcerate all say Vallejo, California taxpayers for not supporting illegal aliens? Hey, Zuckerman, I'll touch it. I have an idea for you, advocate "counseling" illegal aliens, to leave. Now.

Thank you TS. 80% of the relevant health care spending goes to the chronically ill and elderly. How does "He" expect to save money if not denying these groups care? The mainstream media are protecting "Him"? Really now.

The "usual recommendations" are window dressing The thrust of the Obamacare is letting old people, predominantly white females, die. Make no mistake.

While incredibly disturbing, it is a small consolation that our means of funding bloated deficits year after year may dry up before this fraud is put into place. Anxious to see how OMGObama formulates his second attempt to get us to digest this and how Geithner manages to get China to fund it all.

Like I said, small victories.

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