Oh! So This is What the DoJ Does! That's Good to Know

Saturday, September 19, 2009 , , , , 1 Comments

At last, now we know why the DoJ is around. To cockblock Google! It's okay for "questionable" government interests to fund Street View but don't you dare try to bring books to the unwashed masses, Google! They can't handle it!


PC Mag:

Google's book-scanning project was dealt another blow Friday when the Department of Justice urged a district court to reject the search engine giant's $125 million class-action settlement in its current form.

"The breadth of the proposed settlement – especially the forward-looking business arrangements it seeks to create – raises significant legal concerns," the department wrote in a filing with a New York District Court. "This court should reject the proposed settlement in its current form and encourage the parties to continue negotiations to modify it so as to comply with [civil law] and the copyright and antitrust laws."

The DOJ questioned whether the court was the right venue to set up a "forward-looking business arrangement" and was concerned that there was no financial incentive for Google to track down the authors of orphan works, or works whose rights holder cannot be located. The department also did not believe competitors would be able to adequately compete with Google on similar endeavors.

Maybe my tin foil hat is strapped on too tight. I've actually read some of this creepy cybersecurity crap.

Oh and p.s., DoJ, no one can compete with Google. Not even (especially) you.

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It could only mean more trouble when the Dept. of Justice gets involved...