OMG Obama! The Window to Fix Our Financial System is Closed

Bwhahahahahaha!! Their plan totally backfired on them!

President Obama on Monday sternly admonished the financial industry and lawmakers to accept his proposals to reshape financial regulation to protect the nation from a repeat of the excesses that drove Lehman Brothers into bankruptcy and wreaked havoc on the global economy last year.

But with the markets slowly healing, Mr. Obama’s plan to revamp financial rules faces a diminishing political imperative. Disenchantment by many Americans with big government, along with growing obstacles from financial industry lobbyists pressing Congress not to do anything drastic, have also helped to stall his proposals.

Mr. Obama chastised Wall Street denizens in the audience at Federal Hall, at the foot of Wall Street. “Instead of learning the lessons of Lehman and the crisis from which we are still recovering, they are choosing to ignore them,” Mr. Obama said. “They do so not just at their own peril, but at our nation’s.”

THIS from the man who re-elected the Fed chairman who oversaw, nay, orchestrated a true coup against the government and people of the United States on behalf of the Wall Street Mafia. Oh that's just precious.

FAIL, Mr Obama. Try again next Congressional session. I can't speak for the rest of the fiscal conservatives here but when the rest of you are ready to get real and come on over to our side, we'll be waiting for you with cookies and milk. Or maybe bread and water if, you know, things get any worse around here.

The irony of all of this is that the Obama administration appeared to be so adamant about the success of the stimulus that their own recovery lie ended up backfiring. Now that everything is supposedly under control, financial reform has taken a back seat. And as we know, this administration only knows how to accomplish things when it is URGENT and MUST BE DONE IMMEDIATELY TO SAVE US ALL OMG!

Hey Obama, just because you used the instantaneous nature of social media to get elected does not mean you can treat the United States like your own personal Twitter stream. Sometimes, you've just got to chill the hell out and think things through.


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OldSouth said...

Think things through? (Sound of falling on floor laughing out loud..)

Jesse, bless him, points us to Robert Reich's thoughts from today:

I'm watching Bernanke explain how he, Henry Paulson and the central bankers saved the world by printing money.

So, it's all ok now.