OMG Obama's Spenders Need a Debt Reduction Counselor, Says ND Democrat

There's nothing funny about OMG Obama's spending habits
but this is pretty hilarious. Laugh while you can, bitches.

Save them, Byron Dorgan!


The Federal Reserve said Friday it's drafting a plan that, for the first time, would police compensation for investment bank employees. Fed would try to encourage long-term investment strategies over short-term risk-taking by financial institutions. President Obama has urged Congress to pass tougher regulations on the financial industry.

Senator Byron Dorgan, a Democrat from North Dakota, says he wants the president to go a step further and create a new position that he calls a budget deficit reduction counselor.

Oh dear. Hasn't Mr Dorgan heard of the "Republic" of California?

SJ Mercury News:
California's largest and most notoriously troubled youth prison will soon shut its doors to juvenile offenders, the latest move in a systemwide shift away from punitive, adult-style warehouses that has contributed to the most dramatic downsizing of its kind in American history.

Human rights activists and crime experts alike celebrated Thursday as juvenile justice chief Bernie Warner announced the pending removal of all young offenders from the Heman G. Stark Correctional Facility in Chino. The facility now houses 390 men, including 32 from Northern California, who committed serious and violent offenses as minors.

Stark is one of the state's two most violent institutions for men ages 18 to 25 doing time for crimes as serious as rape, armed robbery and murder. By law, the young inmates, known as wards, are entitled to treatment and rehabilitation before being released. But those at Stark say they are too scared even to go to school inside the facility due to constant gang and racially motivated attacks. Some spend up to 21 hours in their cells as punishment. Counselors wear stab-proof vests.

"Stark is a dinosaur which has been unfit as a juvenile correctional facility for decades," said Barry Krisberg, a consultant working with the Schwarzenegger administration to overhaul the state's juvenile correctional facilities. "It's basically a prison and it needed to be closed to kids years ago."


After a bloody, 11-hour riot earlier this month destroyed portions of the California Institution for Men in Chino, 740 inmates were moved to empty beds at Stark, though they remain physically separated from the younger inmates. Pressure also comes from a three-judge federal panel, which this month ordered California to release 40,000 adult prisoners within the next two years, calling poor health care and overcrowded conditions a violation of inmates' constitutional rights.


Someone stage an intervention already.

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