Only a Financial Idiot Deserves to Pay 2,437% Interest

Thursday, September 03, 2009 , , , , 0 Comments

The best line in Goodfellas is when they are cooking in prison and the old guy mumbles "good, they deserved it." in response to someone getting their head bashed in with a baseball bat or something.

Mortgaged Future shows us another example of they deserved it.

We need to start looking at the predatory borrowers. PUT DOWN THE DAMN BIG SCREEN ALREADY.

Anyway. MF is outraged and rightfully so. I truly appreciate his take on the matter:

I’m sorry Ms. Ockerby but you are a financial idiot who deserved to pay the market rate of 2,437% interest. Did you ever hear of “if you can’t afford it don’t buy it”? What was the problem with buying or renting a used wedding dress for a fraction of the cost? Johnny “Boy” Kiely risked his capital, is now in jail and out his £700. Johnny “Boy” did not ruin your life - you did.
Word, Bill, WORD!

Jr Deputy Accountant

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