Sorry, WaPo But Bad Ideas Know Nothing About "Race"

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Alright, I might piss off a whole shit ton of readers by saying this and frankly, if I do, I never wanted you around in the first place.

My best friend in 6th grade was an awesome girl from DC who just so happened to be black. My own child is half Nicaraguan, so if that isn't showing solidarity across racial lines, I'm not really sure what is. Or do those of you calling "racist!" every time someone dare criticize our President who just so happens to be black (stop letting race taint your perception, you racists!) not consider Central Americans privileged enough to pull the race card? If anyone cares to pick this argument with me, please by all means, I invite you to comment, e-mail, hate e-mail, picket outside of my office, I really don't care. You fuckers pulling the race card for every little technicality are the true racists. Yup, I said it.


On several occasions this year, President Obama has expressed with certain bravado a threat to "call out" anyone who would undermine his reform efforts. The problem is that the Ivy League gentleman from Hawaii appears not to have mastered this coarsened art of the streetwise rebuke and, as a result, he tends to come off as bluffing.

"If you misrepresent what's in this [health care] plan, we will call you out," Obama told a joint session of Congress last week. Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) apparently knew better. He not only misrepresented the plan but also interrupted Obama's speech to call the president a liar.

Sure enough, Obama did not call him out.

Let's face it: Our articulate and mild-mannered president doesn't have the stomach for the kind of merciless ridicule that one uses to expose and embarrass political hypocrites and scoundrels. But if Obama is going to keep threatening to call people out -- as if he were from the streets and not just someone who used to work in the streets -- the least he can do is learn the fundamentals.

Otherwise, he's just selling wolf tickets -- writing macho bad checks with his mouth and leaving others to cover the racial overdraft.

Some people don't believe Wilson's outburst had anything to do with race. They'll tell you it's democracy in action. But tell that to the many African Americans who know first-hand the subtlety of post-racial slights. What had been our excitement over Obama's election is rapidly becoming consternation at a marked increase in racism and attendant racial disparities -- in health, income, jobs and housing -- to say nothing of Obama's abject refusal to even broach the subject of race.

The racial overdraft? Give me a fucking break. WaPo's Mr Malloy is the true racist here. Is it because Mr Obama is black that we should not subject him to the same criticism we would subject any other President to? Sorry but when Bush acted like a douchenozzle (which was repeatedly), he had it coming and so does our dear Barry. Racist? Give me a break.

Pulling the race card is the final, desperate straw of a delusional group of cheerleaders who do not know what else to pull to save their argument. It is pathetic, and disrespectful to the true soldiers against racism in this country - perhaps the ghost of Rosa Parks would be kind enough to bitch slap Mr Malloy back into reality to remind him just what "racism" means?

Equality means Barack Obama will have to endure the same treatment as countless other Presidents before him. Sorry but stupidity knows nothing of racial lines, and deftly transcends them all, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, and/or age.

If only we could learn a thing or two from stupidity's way of life. We'd all be a lot better off. And probably a lot less racist.

Now, Jr Deputy Accountant disclaims here that she wasn't even alive when Jimmy Carter was President (sorry, kids, I'm a Reagan baby) but that's awfully low, even for him. This is the best they've got? Really?

This is beyond party affiliation. It is disgusting, pure and simple. And a truly pathetic effort, IMHO. But who am I to judge? Apparently I'm some kind of racist to dare question OMG Obama.

Let me guess, next they're going to claim I'm anti-semitic for criticizing Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve, and 99% of the Wall Street Mafia because they just so happen to be Jewish? Bitch, please, you better come at me with something better than that.

As I said, stupidity knows no racial boundary and is an equal opportunity characteristic. End of story.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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motownmutt said...

Awesome. Personally, I thought we left most of this racist bullshit behind in the 60s and 70s. Knowing what little I know of it, it breaks my heart to see it being used as a political tool. I keep thinking "they have no idea" to myself over and over again.

And on a side note? Holy crap, you're young. I'm always impressed with your awesome insight. Maybe inspired is a better word. Thanks for writing this, suits my mood exactly.

Yup, I'm a baby. Well not really... I'm staring 30 down between the eyes.

And thank you. :)

I am 100% with you (as you can tell by the post). This is dirty, disgusting even.

Low. And total desperation.

It's not because he's black, it's because he's got his head screwed on crooked. DUH.