Via Greenspan's Body Count: Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Branch Manager Scott Peters

Thursday, September 10, 2009 , , 0 Comments

If you don't already know -- which you better -- WC Varones is kind enough to maintain a running tally of deaths attributed to homicidal maniac Alan Greenspan's easy money housing bubble via the Greenspan Body Count. Add one to that, bringing us up to 108.

Today's (or yesterday's) edition is a little different and as WCV points out, details are sparse.

BREAKING -- This is not confirmed and has not been reported in the mainstream media yet but the W.C. Varones Blog has word from inside sources that Scott Peters, a branch manager for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney (CitiMorg) in Roanoke, Virginia, has joined Greenspan's Body Count.

Jr Deputy Accountant, never one to shy away from pulling out her reporter notebook and doing a little digging, confirms the following:

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney confirms that Scott Peters passed away on Tuesday, September 8th but will not get into the dirty details. They are adamant, however, that Mr Peters was not their problem.

"As of Thursday the 3rd, Mr Peters was no longer with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney," according to Tricia Nestfield of MSSB media relations.

So we don't care what happens to our struggling employees after they leave (or are unceremoniously tossed out) the company?

WCV will update accordingly as new information filters in. Thus far, the MSM are silent. Shock that. In the meantime, we'll do our best not to wildly speculate as to the circumstances surrounding Mr Peters' suspicious death timeline.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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