WTF of the Day: Dinner with Dick and a Hug

or fixing our financial structure

pic credit: toothpaste for dinner

I've got a buffer of a few days to drop the d-word as much as I can until 9/15/08 is forgotten so, uh, forgive me in advance.

Reuters WTF?!

On Dick Fuld's trail, no dinner but I got hugged:

KETCHUM, Idaho (Reuters) - Dick Fuld gave me a hug.

It was the end of two days I had spent on the trail of the former Lehman Brothers CEO, a man who has been excoriated for his role in the financial crisis.

I had tracked Fuld to his wood and stone house in Ketchum, a beautiful corner of Idaho, last Friday, and I took the same flight as him to Salt Lake City on Saturday before he flew on to New York and I returned home to San Francisco.

The hug, the second he had given me in the two days, was warm -- far from what you might expect from a banker nicknamed "gorilla" for his combative and intimidating behavior. It was accompanied by a departing "goodbye, sweetie."

Please tell me I am not the only one who read that.

Anyway, if you missed it, I mourn the year anniversary of Lehman's fall a tad early here.

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