Zimbabwe Ben is the Dollar's Fiercest Natural Predator

Zimbabwe Ben, duh! Zimbabwe Ben is the biggest threat to the dollar, not "global investor risk appetite." Keep it real, Bloomberg:

The dollar weakened for the first time in three days, falling to the lowest level in a year against the euro, as signs that the global economy is recovering spurred investors to buy higher-yielding assets.

The U.S. currency declined most versus the New Zealand and Australian dollars as the MSCI World Index snapped a two-day decline after the Asian Development Bank said regional economies will expand faster than initially forecast this year. New Zealand’s dollar climbed to a more than 11-month high against the yen after the nation’s current-account deficit shrank to the narrowest in more than four years.

“We expect to see further weakness in the dollar in coming months,” said Ian Stannard, a currency strategist in London at BNP Paribas SA, France’s biggest bank. “There are a number of factors at work against the dollar, and those include improving global economic conditions and a return of risk appetite.”


France's biggest bank doesn't know by now it's ZB? Ouch, no wonder we're fucked.

Here, let me give you a visual representation:

Get it now, kids?

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