The AICPA is Drinking Ben Bernanke's Kool Aid

It took them three fucking years to decide when and how to add communications to BEC and yet they can adopt Ben Bernanke's dumbass "everything is under control" sentiment seemingly overnight?

Oh that's adorable.

Via the AICPA's newly renamed Economic Crisis and Recovery Center:

The AICPA’s Economic Crisis Resource Center’s name has been changed to the AICPA Economic Crisis and Recovery Center (ECRC). This recent change was based on current conditions indicating a recovery has begun. Fed Chair Ben Bernanke said in a recent speech at the Brookings Institute that he believes the recession is over though recovery will take a long time.

Unemployment seems to be holding steady, but isn’t going down. The market continues to be on the rise, though seems to be sensitive to every little financial news story that breaks. Full recovery (if there ever is such a thing) will take some time and we’ll all need to be patient.

The CPA community will be sought after to help their clients and the companies they work for recover. The ECRC is a great source of information to help CPAs through the recovery process. Previous articles, podcasts and resources focused on surviving the recession. Now the ECRC will focus on helping CPAs and their clients and companies get through the recovery faster.

On the employment side, the AICPA Job Finder is still offering free posts to CPA Firms looking to fill CPA positions. Now’s the time to get your resume up on the Job Finder. There were 150 jobs available on the site this week. If you are a CPA Firm who will need to staff up for tax season, now’s the time to get that job posted while the postings are still free. As a profession, we’ve been fortunate that the layoffs in our profession haven’t been widespread, but there are still good CPAs out there in need of work.

The Journal of Accountancy has a great online article titled “The U.S. Economic Crisis: Root Causes and the Road to Recovery” that discusses the excessive consumer spending and low savings rate at the center of this recession.

How cute.

Meanwhile, if anyone out there has real data on CPA, accountant, and tax professional unemployment numbers, do share as I would love to see them. And no, I don't mean that phony crap the BLS spits out.

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