Arizona Tax Accountant Gets Snitched Out By His Wife for Child Porn, But How Was He at Schedule Fs?

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(h/t Going Concern)

Hey, that guy better not be one of our CPA Review students or I'm going to have to have a talk with my little unlicensed accountants.

Wonder if that guy knows the creepy Goldman Sachs lawyer with an affinity for fake 15 year old girls? They might want to hang out and compare notes, you know, for reconciliation.


Phoenix Business Journal:

Jess Alan Skousen was arrested at his Mesa accounting business Wednesday for allegedly having illegal child pornography on his laptop computer

Mesa Police Department spokesman Ed Wessing said Skousen, 40, was arrested after his wife found sexual images of children on his computer.

Wessing said Skousen faces 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and is in the Maricopa County Jail.

Wessing identified Skousen’s business as Self Tax Preparation on Stapley Road. The pictures found on the computer include those of children between ages of 2 and 15, some in sexual poses, according to Wessing.

The Arizona Corporation Commission lists a number accounting, tax and other businesses under Skousen’s name.

Ok fine but can the guy at least do taxes right? Because we're running out of good accountants you know.

Brings new meaning to Schedule F I guess. As in Fucktard, naturally.

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