Bank of America Snitches Back, Points to Geithner, Summers

Oh, so that's why Bank of America waived its attorney-client privilege?


Top economic advisers to President Obama signed off on a deal to protect Bank of America from losses incurred by its purchase of failed Wall Street firm Merrill Lynch a month before the new administration took office, according to Bank of America documents.

The documents, describing internal discussions at the bank in late 2008, assert that executives were told that incoming National Economic Council Director Lawrence H. Summers and incoming Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner had endorsed the deal to provide new guarantees to Bank of America.

The acquisition has been a source of protracted debate since earlier this year, when questions arose about whether federal officials exerted an inappropriate amount of pressure on Bank of America to complete the deal. There's also been debate about whether the bank made appropriate disclosures to its shareholders about losses at Merrill Lynch, its negotiations with the government for additional support and compensation plans at Merrill Lynch.

Apparently Ken Lewis finally realized that he has absolutely nothing left to lose. Way to grow a pair, Kenny, I knew you were worth rooting for.

Indictments or it didn't happen.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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OldSouth said...

Good for him. It's time somebody, somewhere, began to push back in a manner that matters.

If I understand the story correctly, he and B of A were essentially told, 'You will take this cash. You will buy Merrill, sight unseen. You may not back out. We have taken over. If something goes wrong, you're to blame.'

Something very stinky in all this.

Sunshine is the best disinfectant.


yeah I'm stoked to see Kenny grow a pair. I hope he throws them ALL under the bus.

Sunshine as disinfectant? I think indictments would be a tad more effective. Indictments and Federal raids. But that's just me. :)