Being a Tax CPA, Ur Doin It Wrong

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What an asshat.

You know what accounting really needs? Well, besides a tattooed and snarky rockstar, that is *cough*... a hero. Role models. Some real blood, sweat, tears kind of CPAs willing to give it their all to honor the profession. Thus far we have come up painfully short and will likely continue to do so until we get fed up with watching our cohorts demonstrate just how easy it is to be a corrupt failure in this industry.

It's up to you, little unlicensed accountants. You guys are the ones who are going to have to turn this around. And damnit, Jr Deputy Accountant will be here rooting for you all the way. And making fun of boneheads like this in the meantime.

WebCPA (h/t Going Concern):

The Justice Department has asked a federal court in Lincoln, Neb., to bar Donald Ondrak, a Lexington, Neb., CPA, from preparing tax returns.

According to the government complaint in the case, Ondrak’s firm, Don Ondrak PC, prepares federal income tax returns for customers that unlawfully understate income and employment tax liabilities by under-reporting income, overstating expenses and claiming improper deductions for non-deductible personal expenses.

The government complaint also accuses Ondrak of helping clients use sham entities and bogus transactions in order to fraudulently understate their tax liabilities. According to the complaint, the Internal Revenue Service has examined approximately 400 returns that Ondrak prepared and found that a significant number of them understated the customer’s tax liability. The complaint estimates that the tax loss from Ondrak’s alleged misconduct between 2004 and 2007 could be in the tens of millions of dollars.

I'm fed up and will be in the basement of my CPA Review office in tears if anyone needs me.

And holy shit, is this what the DoJ is around for?! At last, usefulness!

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