Consumer Credit. More Good News (No Really)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009 , 0 Comments

Consumer credit disappoints... whom?


Consumers slashed borrowing at a faster-than-expected pace in August for the seventh straight month, underscoring not only their tough economic plight but also their bubbling outrage at banks and credit-card issuers.

The Federal Reserve said Wednesday that consumers cut $11.98 billion in borrowing in August, trimming their outstanding debt to $2.46 trillion, representing a 5.8% annual rate of decline and deeper than economists had expected.

Glad to see you've been paying attention. Keep going, America.

The Big Picture:

Consumer Credit outstanding on a seasonally adjusted basis in August fell by $12b, $2b more than expected but July didn’t fall as much as initially reported by $2.6b. It’s the 10th month in the past 11 that has seen declines.

See? No flaming pitchforks required.

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