Don't Pardon My French, F&^k the IMF

Friday, October 02, 2009 , , 8 Comments

Remember, kids, our own Treasury Secretary sits on the IMF board and therefore supports global economic terrorism. Yup, I said it. And yup I'll say it again, as many times I have to until you fuckers listen.

What's with the shoe throwing? I'm I missing something as an ignorant American who only cares about what traditions we've got going on here?


The International Monetary Fund has spent years trying to convince developing nations that it is their ally. A student here answered by tossing a sneaker at the IMF's chief on Thursday and shouting, "IMF, get out of Turkey!"

While the shoe-tossing was an isolated event, the anger at the IMF, which chose Istanbul as the site of its annual meeting, isn't.

Word of the incident at a college forum at Bilgi University spread rapidly. Local television news shows repeated the clip endlessly, sometimes using a split screen showing the Iraqi journalist who tossed a shoe at then-President George W. Bush. The Turkish shoe tosser didn't come close to hitting IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

For a U.S. journalist looking for comment, merely pointing at his own sneaker sparked immediate recognition from passersby near Istanbul's Grand Bazaar.

"It will show what Turkish people really think of the IMF," said Batuhan Bal, a law student at Istanbul Commerce University. "We need space between ourselves and the IMF."

I almost got a chance to see Ben Bernanke perform in person once at a local, world-renowned University and have to admit here that if I had that sort of honor, I wouldn't even consider tossing a shoe at the dude. Nikes are like $60 a pair, you must be trippin.

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malus Diaz said...

but with 'strong' armed currency, you can pick 10 pairs of shoes for that...

again. Fuck them.


Anonymous said...

wow you have nothing better to do than bitch about government, your life must be pretttyyy sad and pathetic

Anonymous said...

I agree do you really think your doing anything by saying all of this to us?

It's "you're", Anonymous.


Anonymous said...

wow, just avoiding the fact that i'm right and that this blog is worthless

Anonymous said...


W.C. Varones said...

Anybody seen any irony around here?