A Dose of Real Estate Reality

Jr Deputy Accountant loves The Reformed Broker and Sunday's post on real estate reality shows us why:

I feel compelled to share a few data points from the ongoing real estate apocalypse, and in this post, I won’t even mention anything commercial real estate-related. This one’s strictly about the ‘hood:

1. Every 13 seconds, there’s another new foreclosure filing somewhere in America. Not a typo – every thirteen seconds.

2. There are now more than 6600 foreclosure filings a day. Yep – sixty six hundred a day.

3. There have been roughly 2 million foreclosures so far during the crisis and an assistant secretary from Treasury, Michael Barr, said that another 6 million families could face foreclosure over the next three years.

These aren’t my numbers, they were released last week by the Center for Responsible Lending, a non-partisan. So how did you, the sober and rigorous market participants I rub elbows with each day, take these latest little nuggets of tragedy?

You rallied the friggin’ luxury retailers, that’s what you did!

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I didn't really feel like taking on a mortgage over 8 times my gross pay. And that meant I was limited to West Oakland or Gun Point if I wanted to buy. F-that. I like renting. Some day I'll own, in a place I want to live at a price I can afford. Until that day, which might be soon, I'm happy to rent in that neighborhood instead.

This is great news, thanks!

Josh said...

love u too babe