Ethics (LMFAO)

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I mean really.

LA Times (the source is the irony):

Ethics inquiry looks into several House panel members

Seven lawmakers on the defense appropriations subcommittee got donations from PMA Group clients while sponsoring spending on beneficial projects. The investigation was revealed in a 'data breach.'

Reporting from Washington - Nearly half the members of the House subcommittee that oversees more than $600 billion in Pentagon spending have been targeted by ethics investigators who are probing the conduct of a once-influential Washington lobbying firm, according to a confidential document that the House Ethics Committee says was inadvertently exposed.

The seven members -- five Democrats and two Republicans -- received campaign donations from the clients of the firm while sponsoring federal spending on projects that benefited the clients. The revelations from the highly secretive ethics committee could have serious consequences for the members named. Republicans quickly indicated that they would use the disclosures as a weapon in their effort to retake control of the House in next year's congressional elections.

The document, which was prepared by the ethics committee in July, reportedly detailed a number of active ethics inquiries into House members.

I repeat: ethics LMFAO!!!!!!

Craigslist makes my point:

Originally Posted: Thu, 3 Jan 22:08 PST

I need someone to take CPA Ethics test for me

Date: 2002-01-03, 10:08PM PST

Local CPA candidate has no time to study; will PAY you to take the ethics exam for me! Serious replies, only. You must have passed test in California within last two years.

I don't have to repeat myself I hope.

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