Everything Might Be Under Control, Says Richmond Fedhead Lacker

Pffft. They're mostly full of shit, you know. At least a few of them manage to keep it real, as it were.


Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond President Jeffrey Lacker, talks with Bloomberg's Kathleen Hays about the U.S. economy, labor market and consumer spending.

Lacker says that GDP is expanding in the third quarter and the risk of a "double dip" recession has decreased "quite substantially."

There's video but if you know Jr Deputy Accountant, you know that I intentionally avoid watching Fed performances on tape just because you can gather far more from words than you ever can from calculated appearances. At least with this one you know that what you see is what you get.

And what's with that "bitch I'm going to smack you" look on Lacker's face? I guess I'd look a little uncomfortable if I were the one talking about where we're headed too. Anyway. Recommended watching.

p.s. sources tell us we may have missed a certain favorite Fedhead's birthday late last month so let's just take this opportunity to wish him the happiest of birthdays. Now how about that offer to bitchslap Janet Yellen at the next FOMC meeting? Please. I'm getting desperate. How about for my birthday? Come on, Lacker, you know you want to.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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