Gordon Brown and the Tim Geithner School of Civil Service

Monday, October 12, 2009 , , , 2 Comments

It always amazes me that these pricks believe they are above following the rule of law. New World Order lackey Gordon Brown is no different than our own Turbo Timmy except hopefully he paid his taxes on these overblown expenses.


Prime Minister Gordon Brown will repay £12,415 after an independent audit of all MPs' expenses claims since 2004.

Downing Street confirmed he would repay the money, largely claimed for cleaning and gardening over five years.

The claims were within the rules but auditor Sir Thomas Legg has said £2,000 a year for cleaning and £1,000 for gardening was sufficient.

In Mr Brown's case the £12,415 ($19,614) is made up of £10,716 for cleaning claims above Sir Thomas's £2,000 annual limit, £302 spent on gardening above the annual £1,000 limit recommended and a £1,396 decorating bill that was "inadvertently assigned by error to two quarters".

A Downing St spokesman said Mr Brown had "always supported this process and will cooperate fully and make the necessary repayment".

He added: "Mr Brown's expenses have always been cleared by the House authorities as entirely consistent with the rules. He has not claimed the maximum level of expenses. The review says its findings 'carry no implication about the conduct or motives of the MPs concerned'."

The BBC understands that Conservative leader David Cameron has been asked by Sir Thomas to provide more information about mortgage payments for which he over-claimed in 2006.

He has already repaid £218 after he over-claimed when he changed his mortgage between August and October of that year. It is understood he has been asked for a specific mortgage interest statement relating to that period.

What a douchenozzle.

Instead of blowing thousands on cleaning bills, how about investing a good $60 into a nice eyebrow wax, you ugly fuck? Oh, sorry, £37.92. Whatever.

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cl5v5r said...

Wow, lotta £ing in that post. Good way to pass a slow news day, I'd say.

Actually, cl5v5r, I do all my good £ing away from JDA.

Good eye, though ;)