Hey Deloitte! I Think We Found that Missing Canadian Gold!

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Untreated, Unheated, Totally Raw... sounds delicious

See my June 30th What's Up With the Missing Canadian Gold, Deloitte? for the backstory. Cool, so now we only need to figure out where the other $14 million in gold went.

Canada's CBC News:

A man who tried to enter B.C. from the United States with about $1 million worth of gold coins and cash may face criminal charges, Canadian border officials say.

The man — whose name has not been released — tried to enter the country through the Peace Arch crossing in Surrey, B.C., on Oct. 6. The Canada Border Services Agency said Canadian gold coins found were in a chest in a duffle bag.

It's a crime to carry more $10,000 in undeclared funds into Canada, and investigators say charges could be laid under the Proceeds of Crime and Terrorist Financing Act.

"[We are] continuing our investigation into the funds themselves, the source of the funds and their intended use," RCMP Insp. Paul Richards of the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team told CBC News on Friday.

Border officials said the alleged smuggler is a foreign national but would not say which country he is from. He remains in custody.

Is this some terrorist operation or just a smart down-Souther trying to get his ass and his gold over the border before the shit hits the fan?

Mmm hmm. Run, Yankee, run!

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