Misbehaving Accountants, You've Been Warned

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Take notice, misbehaving accountants, the courts want to give you some circus to go with your bread and teach you a lesson.


A wealthy accountant who provided extensive help in the tax evasion inquiry of the Swiss bank UBS was sentenced to a year of house arrest Wednesday after admitting he concealed about $6 million in assets from the Internal Revenue Service.

Steven Michael Rubinstein, 55, was the first United States citizen charged in the investigation. Federal District Judge Marcia Cooke said his prosecution sent a message around the globe about the risks of hiding assets in offshore accounts — and that he deserved credit for helping federal investigators find more tax cheats and crooked bankers within UBS and other institutions in Switzerland and elsewhere.

“Thousands, if not millions, of taxpayers now know what the legal landscape is,” Judge Cooke said. “Now, we will not tolerate offshore tax evasion.”

Mr. Rubinstein will be on probation for three years, including the year of house arrest with electronic monitoring and travel restrictions. He also must pay a $40,000 fine. Prosecutors had sought a year of prison time, even as they stressed Mr. Rubinstein’s continuing importance to the broader UBS investigation.

Maybe house arrest is a good idea, surely there'd be a hit out him if he wasn't or he'd suffer some tragic yet perfectly-timed heart attack (*cough*).

Great, so they tossed one virgin into the flaming volcano, so what?

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