Take This Stimulus Sign and Shove It

Thursday, October 15, 2009 , , 1 Comments

At $1200 a pop, it's no wonder Georgia DoT said no to Stimulus signs. $1200! Aren't you happy to see your grandchildrens' financial well-being spent in such a useful way? I know I am absolutely thrilled. Idiots.


The Great Depression had its red, white and blue “U.S.A. Work Program” signs and the ubiquitous “We Do Our Part” blue eagle emblems, which can still be seen in the credits of films of the era. This recession has green highway signs telling drivers when construction work was paid for by the stimulus program — but not in Georgia, which just became the latest of at least half a dozen states to forgo the signs as a waste of money.

The signs, which proclaim “Project Funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” over the red, white, blue and green logo of the stimulus, cost an average of $1,200 apiece in Georgia, said David Spear, the press secretary for the Georgia Department of Transportation. With the state putting up two signs at each project and 119 construction contracts awarded through September, the cost of the signs was adding up [that's $285,600 for the non-mathletes]. The sign issue became a lightning rod for critics of the stimulus, and many of them complained to the department about their cost.

“The more we reflected on it, the more we realized they were absolutely right: it’s not the best use of the money,” said Mr. Spear, who added that the decision would save tens of thousands of dollars that could be spent on more construction work.

The use of signs for stimulus projects was strongly encouraged by the Federal Highway Administration but not required.

Good for Georgia, bad for the Federal Highway Administration. Are you people stupid or what? Just curious.

There go a million sign-maker jobs. So sorry, OMGObama.

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Bill said...

"Project Funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" In my state , Michigan , these signs mean HUGE gas wasting delays, 6 mile long backups on normally snag free highway . Endless maize like detours with more 1400$ orange signs. I would like to see an estimate of lost man hours due to being late to work for this crap stimulus roadwork . Also an estimate of wasted gasoline idling in a 6 mile line , or taking a 20 mile detour for 500 foot of highway thats closed . Bet the waste is more than the stimulus . Here... OMGObama - stimulate this !!!!!!!!!!!!!