Al Gore's Carbon Scam Revisted (With Special Guest Star Goldman Sachs!)

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On May 1st, I did Al Gore and the green scam, specifically our buddy Al's connection to Goldman Sachs. The story has been getting quite a bit of play these days with the revelation that global warming may be a scientific work of fiction so it is hereby resurrected for your reading pleasure:

I've never bought into the "global warming" line and sorry for being such a cliche conservative but I also don't really buy into this "carbon tax" "green energy" "save the planet" crap. The reality is that the Earth is overloaded with people - no amount of "clean energy" can really fix that fact. We're done and that's that. Shouldn't have been so inconsiderate of our planet, too late to go back now, oopsie!

Just as the stock market may be headed for doom and unwinding into a bottom like we have not seen in our lifetimes, so is the Earth pushed to the limit and ready to break. So Al Gore can suck it.

Add to this the interesting fact that Al Gore is in it for the money (with the help of our friends at Goldman Sachs, of course!) and you can see why I don't buy it. Pfft.

Via Investor's Business Daily, Al Gore's real objective exposed - should we be all that surprised to find this too reeks of Goldman? Nah:

Last Friday, Gore was the star witness at the hearings on cap-and- trade legislation before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Blackburn asked Gore about Kleiner-Perkins, noting that at last count they "have invested about a billion dollars invested in 40 companies that are going to benefit from cap-and-trade legislation that we are discussing here today."

Blackburn then asked the $100 million question: "Is that something that you are going to personally benefit from?" Gore gave the stock answer that "the transition to a green economy is good for our economy and good for all of us, and I have invested in it but every penny that I have made I have put right into a nonprofit, the Alliance for Climate Protection, to spread awareness of why we have to take on this challenge."

Last May, we also noted that on March 1, Gore, while speaking at a conference in Monterey, Calif., admitted to having "a stake" in a number of green investments that he recommended attendees put money in rather than "subprime carbon assets" such as tar sands and shale oil.

He also is co-founder of Generation Investment Management, which sells carbon offsets that allow rich polluters to continue with a clear conscience. It's a scheme that will make traders of this new commodity rich and Bernie Madoff look like a pickpocket. The other founder is former Goldman Sachs partner David Blood.

As Stephen Milloy, author of "Green Hell," points out, Goldman Sachs is lobbying for climate change legislation and is part owner of the Chicago Climate Exchange, where carbon credits from cap and trade would be traded.

"Subprime carbon assets" bwhahahaha. That's classic. Al Gore did not invent the Internet, the Earth is screwed, and everything stinks of Goldman's not-so-invisible hand. Good times! At least we know what sort of "green" our buddy Al is in it for.

Some thoughtful links on Al Gore and the GS connection (is there no end to how far Goldman's claws reach into America? Suppose not):

10 questions to ask Al Gore

Why'd he deny the Goldman connection in the first place? ("guilt by association" isn't a good excuse when you're talking about GS, AG! WTF!)

Are "carbon swaps" the next derivative scam and did Gore engineer a crisis with Goldman's help?

Remember, JDA and GS666 gave it to you long before those mainstream pricks did.

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brrrrrrrrrrrr, Al.... when the fuck is Spring gonna get here??? My mason is pitching a hissy fit 'cause he can't finish my fucking outdoor BBQ grill and HE NEEDS THE FUCKING MONEY I'm waving under his nose to do the job Gonna get me one of those manbearpig Pan looking creatures, gonna slit its throat and bleed it out and me and the Inglorious Bastard are gonna roast that fucker on my new BBQ pit as soon as true Spring gets here.

Anonymous said...

notice JDA that my mason said he "needs the fucking money" not "needs the fucking silver" not "needs the fucking gold" not "needs the fucking Yap stone coins" that I tried to pass off on him as payment. He wants FRN's and he would like to have had them yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he'd consider taking payment in the form of a Beanie Baby collection that was supposed to fund my retirement????

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the Wall Drugstore mechanical horse riding Cowboys of Capitalism at Goldman are not the only ones trying to get some of that action Right in the thick of it was everyone's favorite yeast infected, horse humping, dental challenged, silver shorting, Pommy banker - Baba Yaga.

Anonymous said...

"He also is co-founder of Generation Investment Management, which sells carbon offsets that allow rich polluters to continue with a clear conscience"

Bless me Al, for I have sinned... My last environmental offense was five seconds ago when I let out a Chilli Cheese Burrito fart that was utterly satisfying...

Have to go.... I may have just shit myself.

Anonymous said...

more snow and slop forecast for Tuesday Fuck you, Al Gore. Fuck you. I hope a fucking polar bear whose poor little iceberg has melted migrates to where ever the fuck you are and makes polar bear scat out of you. Addition by subtraction.

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NO work done on the BBQ / fireplace yesterday. Rain turning to a slushy snow later tonight so I doubt my mason is going to come out to do any work for the next few days. Local weather guesser (Dave Murray) says in his long range forecast that he sees a pattern of colder air as late as mid-April which by then will not only have a negative effect on my god damned HGTV home improvement plans for Spring but will also interfere with April Crappie fishing!

Anonymous said...

Spring, When a Young Man's Fancy Lightly Turns to Thoughts of Combustion
Ahh... the pastoral birds are chirping and the brooks are a-bubble with freshly thawed dihydrogen monoxide, signaling that it will soon be time once again to pay homage to Mother Nature, The Ultimate MILF® !

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