Al Gore's Current TV Lays off 80 Just for the Hell of It

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Christ, how many people did they have working over there anyway?

My ex works in the same building as Current and it reminds me of the dot com days of yore - brick and computer monitors as far as the eye can see. Frankly I'm not really going to mourn this one (much like the ex who works in their building) as Current was and is little more than YouTube with slightly better cameras and "clever" edu-macated commentary.

Also, fuck you, Al Gore, you're a thieving, scandalous prick. For the background on that particular statement, do check out Goldman Sachs and the Cap-and-Trade Jackpot and Al Gore, Carbon Credits, the "Green" Scam and... Goldman Sachs?

I digress.

San Francisco Business Times:

San Francisco’s Current Media canceled some of its television shows and will lay off 80 people out of its 300-strong workforce.

The company was started in part by former U.S. vice president Al Gore.

In a statement, the business said the layoffs are part of a “shift away from a reliance on daily in-house production,” but that it wasn’t laying people off to save money. Nevertheless, the company went on to say that the resulting “financial stability” will help its long term growth.

Most of the jobs are being cut in Southern California, according to news reports.

Current TV, as the company is known, is shifting towards more long shows, like news programs that last 30 minutes or an hour.

So wait a minute... if this has nothing to do with cost cutting, what is it? Did a third of Current's work force deserve to be canned for poor performance?

Gawker digs further:

Current COO Joanna Drake Earl said in an interview that the layoffs hit San Francisco and Los Angeles offices the hardest; and while the firings were not "driven by a need to cut costs," they will indeed result in a net reduction of costs.

She added that "It's always a very sad day to eliminate positions" but that the layoffs were "about being a good media company listening to our consumers... any media company in the business of show production is... watching the dial" in terms of results and adjusting as necessary.Indeed, it sometimes seems like Current is becoming more like the traditional media companies it was intended to serve as counterprogramming against, what with the outsourcing of production, devotion to "consumer" feedback (like ratings!) and layoff rounds.

But Earl said the company remains "very committed" to audience contributions, albeit in "different ways" than through collecting short-form videos, a format now dominated by YouTube and "somewhat confusing" to viewers anyway, according to Earl. Not all short shows have been eliminated; some, like Vanguard Journalism, have actually been lengthened.

So let me get this straight... Current is trying to be more like "regular" news with a third of the staff?

what. the. fuck.

Al Gore should stick to what he knows: making up exotic environmental tax systems based on lies about an overheating planet that fluff Goldman Sachs' coffers.


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Anonymous said...

the first rule - if they say that the cuts are not about the money, then you can bet your bottom dollar that it is all about the money. Jeff

Exactly, Jeff, exactly. If you've got to point it out......