Barney Frank and Fed Audits Don't Sound Right

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Fuck you, I won't take both of those in one initiative. Get that fucker's name out of it and maybe I might take it seriously but keep Barney Frank in it and I won't buy it.

I'm no dumb girl. You can't get me up the backside with the same tactic twice. I'm skeptical of this shit from the gate, you don't get Frank and the Fed by me that easily.


The House Financial Services Committee will consider measures tomorrow on the powers of congressional investigators to audit the Federal Reserve, the panel’s chairman said today.

Representative Barney Frank, the chairman and a Massachusetts Democrat, said the committee would take up Fed audit proposals during this week’s debate on legislation to create a council of regulators to monitor for systemic risk.

A Democratic proposal would permit audits that are narrower in scope than a measure with more than 300 co-sponsors and retain the ban on auditing interest-rate decisions. That may set up a clash with Representative Ron Paul, the Texas Republican who introduced a bill to require Fed audits, including of the interest-rate decisions, a step the central bank opposes.

The amendment to be offered by Representative Mel Watt, the North Carolina Democrat who chairs a subcommittee on U.S. monetary policy, would limit Government Accountability Office audits of Fed emergency-loan programs to their operations, excluding decisions and internal talks about the facilities. Identities of borrowers may be released a year after the programs end.

Paul and Representative Alan Grayson, a Florida Democrat, have drafted a competing measure for broader Fed audits, which would exclude only any unreleased transcripts or minutes of Fed policy meetings. It also says the legislation shouldn’t be construed as interfering in monetary policy.

Yeah whatever. I've heard this shit a thousand times. You fuckers don't understand what an "audit" is and if anyone needs a primer, please let me know, I'd love to tell you ALL about it. Read the fucking manual. "audit" if I'm taking it too literally as usual, tell me what the fuck you mean by "audit" and I'd love to hear what you think one is.

Tell my "audit" students who are eating the Big 87654 data with their heads down hoping to keep their jobs what an audit is. Taking notes. Audits! LOL!

Like KPMG audits? Don't make me break one of my pretty ribs cracking up over that shit. I only have a few and there's too many fucking funny audits for that.

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