Buy Nothing or Get Terrorized By Store Security

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 , , 3 Comments

Nothing says "we want your money" like lots of store security. I guess it's wonderful that people are working but what about this says comfy and cozy?

I'll be hiding out on Friday if anyone is looking for me and most certainly won't be out there rubbing one out on my fucking MasterCard. Good luck to those of you that do, I hear stores will be open on Thanksgiving just to get your money earlier.

USA Today (whatever, I'm tired and it's late):

Retailers are beefing up security for Friday's rush of bargain-hunting customers, pledging better control of waiting lines, more in-store assistance and longer hours.

The trampling death of a Wal-Mart employee and shooting in a Toys R Us on the day after Thanksgiving last year heightened concerns about shopping safety. And anyone who's competed head to head for a Black Friday deal knows it can get ugly.

What the fuck is wrong with this picture?

Buy Nothing.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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wcv said...

You know what's really fun?

Walk around a store with lots of security and act really suspicious, looking around sneakily, acting like you're putting stuff in your jacket.

Freaks the bastards out.

You *know* how sketchy *my* tattooed ass is, WCV, I looooove messing with store security. It's my second favorite shit-disturbing activity after going into banks that I don't use to cash checks and sneering at them when they go "do you want to open a free checking account with us?"

I may have to hit the mall after all on Friday :)

OldSouth said...

Stayed home, cleaned up after Thursday, visited with friends, bought zippo.

It was wonderful!